A Platformer game where you die to mutate.

Complete the puzzles by mutating.

And to make it a bit hard I also added a music(It was my first time making a music).

Theme: Mutation.

Time Taken to make the game: 2 Days.

Install instructions

1. Download the zip file.
2. Decompress the zip file.
3. Run the application and Enjoy the Game!
1.Download the .apk file.
2.Install the .apk file.
3.Enjoy the game.


Mutated(PC).zip 21 MB
Mutated.apk 25 MB

Also available on


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The browser version seems to be stuck loading for me (I'm seeing a Unity icon with a progress bar that's 90% full). I'm on macOS 11 rn so I can't download the game either...

On windows too. I see "Error: Uncaught ReferenceError: unityFramework is not defined" in browser console.

Yes Unity recently updated their WebGL and itch.io can't run unity WebGl now.

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It ran my game, pretty well

And i used unity